Masks of Nyarlathotep

March 10 1925

The investigators sail south to Port Said in Egypt. From there they take a train to Central Station in Cairo. They hired a young guide, Ma’Muhd, and attempted to find the shop of Faraz Najir in the Street of Jackles, but learned that the shop had mysteriously burned to the ground some five years earlier…

February 1925

The investigators investigated a local artist that turned out to be more than meets the eye. They staked out the Blue Pyramid and discovered an undercover human smuggling operation. They sneaked onto the Masr Estate and interrupted a sexual ritual and barely escaped with their lives and sanity. They broke into the Penhew Foundation and found a fat ledger with purchases of strange artifacts from around the world…

New York 02
January 19 1925

The investigators follow their leads to a local JuJu House where they encounter a dark ritual and save an innocent girl from sacrifice. Stored in a chest they find a number of artifacts including a strange wooden mask…

New York
January 15 1925

The investigators recieve a telegraph from Jackson Elias and go to meet him in New York City. Upon arrival they find him recently and gruesomely murdered. Clues in his apartment and on his person show a paper trail that spans the globe…

May 1921

The investigators found themselves in a sticky situation when a friend's book publishing turned into a sweep by the local police. The crew was arrested for a smattering of charges but somehow escaped the courtroom with a little help from their friend, Jackson Elias.


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